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December 4, 2017

Treating my Crew.

Each time we end an 8 week grief program,
I like to treat my truly hard working crew.

 They work so very hard, giving their time
on often cold Saturday mornings to work
with very vulnerable children, teens and
their parents, teaching each about grief.

It may seem like a simple card and a store
bought gift certificate would be not very
personal but I've learned this is one thing
they love and it fits well in our meager
budget. But the real gift is the words I
write for each of them, unique for all and
excitedly received. The gratitude I feel
could never be measured, so this is one
way I can show my appreciation. Their
reactions are priceless and worth the time.


Mereknits said...

You are so wonderful to make your gratitude known to each person working with these vulnerable families. I bet they all appreciate you so much.

Chy said...

They do and always love the gift and the card. Wish I could give them more of course! X Chy