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December 31, 2017

A Few Gifts.

Sharing a few of my gifts from our
Christmas morning. Not all, just some.

Tea from my favorite Lavender Farm
out on Salt Spring Island ~ scrumptious.

The Vintage Sweets written by Angel Adore
from "Escape to the Chateau" tv show. This
is my second book ~ the first I bought at a
charity shop not even knowing who she is.

A set of glass jars for storing our
leftovers and taking lunch to work.

My first power tool ~ all mine! To
sand down furniture that needs TLC.

A re~usable bag for my new set of
cake decorating tips and tools.

The Big Book of a Miniature House
from my dh who is supportive of my
desire to learn how to build and restore
new and old dollhouses ~ he's sweet.

My dear grandson wanted me to have this
book. It is an amazing gift to cherish.

A fun gift for my first tattoo .... ironically,
Santa also brought each of my kids and
dh the same gift. We bought them on the
same day, not knowing each other had
been there and even the tattoo shop has
had a great laugh about our gift giving.

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