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December 29, 2017

Shopping and Life.

Despite the cold, we did venture out
today for a doctor's appointment.

Then a quick trip to meet our dd's
at our favorite mall in the Big City.

Christmas decorations were still
up and lovely music filled the air.

But the big guy has gone back
to the North Pole for the year.

My gramma worked for Birks years
ago and I get a bit choked up anytime
we walk past this store. She loved her
job and her Birks family. I loved that
we often would receive amazing
gifts from her store that we all truly
cherished. I miss her! I miss these
experiences. Now we make new ones
with our kids and grandkids. The
circle of life continues on now with us.


Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Last year was a great year for you, and I know you’ll have an even better one this year.

Chy said...

thank you Ryoma! I hope so and for you as well! Chy