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December 31, 2017

My Birthday.

My birthday was last month but I'm still taking in all that happened on that special day and just finally taking the time to write about it tonight. it wasn't a memorable number that was celebrated, just a regular year but at the end of the night, it was the best birthday ever! My dh had been telling me for weeks that he had "booked" a table at our local Costco for a hot dog dinner. Anyone knowing me knows I would never fall for that but I played along. He did suggest that I might want to dress up a bit. So I did, even curling my hair and perfecting the face. That day, my oldest son and daughter in law to be showed up, after flying in from the West Coast, then driving three hours to stay with us. That in itself was special. Then they had to go out as did my daughters, so dh and I set out for our "hot dog" dinner. Thankfully, he took "the long way" and we ended up in the Big City. We walked in to my favorite restaurant and they took us over to a very large table in a more secluded spot. And the next thing I knew, all four of our children walked in, with respective partners and children. I was floored and the tears fell as I basked in the love of having all my children in the same room for the first time in a while. It was magical and a time I will cherish forever. The best birthday a mom, a wife and a gramma could ever ask for! I know we'll do it again but for now, I'm holding on to that moment of feeling so special and so loved by my very own family.


Mereknits said...

That sounds like the perfect celebration. Family, what would we be without it? I don't need present, expensive jewelry or bags, just my family that is enough. Happy late Birthday.

Chy said...

It was such a beautiful night. I had a hard time eating and laughing and sharing and crying! A night to cherish always. I'm still beaming!! X Chy