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July 27, 2016

Summer Rain.

We've developed quite a pattern here
in our area. Each day, it's sunny and
deliciously warm (but not horribly,
unbearably hot) and then it changes. 

 The clouds begin to form, moving fast
and then the wind picks up. The thunder
rolls and the lightening strikes. Finally,
the rain begins to fall, gentle at first.

Then the downpour begins. These shots
are from the veranda and I took them on
Monday night. I'll have to download the
ones I took last night while in town. I'm
sure it was a mini tornado that went down
the street I was on. Crazy all around and
then the clouds drifted off and the sun 
came out, like nothing had happened at
all. At least it's keeping our nights nice
and cool, great for sleeping and ever so
lovely for anything growing in gardens.
Not too many storms in the middle of the
night, which is when I truly hate to
listen to thunder and lightening!

How is the weather in your area this July?
Lots of warms days with storms or cool and calm?


Liliana said...

Nice article, life in the forest is refreshing and reassuring to be away from the noise and bustle of the city.

Chy said...

It's so quiet out here. Love it!