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July 21, 2016

Not Ready Yet.

Yesterday, a co~worker brought her new kittens
in to work. And look who landed in my lap!

A sweet little tabby, a purring girl who loved
to cuddle up with me for her little nap.

I've thought about having a cat as a mouser out
here in the woods. But we're not quite ready yet.

Our pup died two years ago, at the age of 16 and
we haven't gotten to the point of having a new one.

Maybe next year. It was was so tempting to
just scoop this little one up and bring her home.
But our garage is getting a make over soon and
until then, it wouldn't be fair to have this tiny
mite live in that chaos. I'd love her to pieces
but would also likely worry about her being
outside in the cold, and then I'd want to bring
her inside, which isn't our plan for a cat. Ah ....

Do you have a kitten or a cat?
Is it an indoor or outdoor pet?


Penny said...

Oooh! Scrumptious! I'd love a wee cat. We have our much loved Meg, our 5 year old yellow lab. She is a marvellous addition to the household, so loving and loyal x

Chy said...

Our daughters both have pups and we enjoy them but happy to not have to care for them. A kitten would be sweet but not ready just yet. X