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July 10, 2016

The Antique Mall.

A favorite place to visit and search
for vintage treasures. A really great
place to go on a rainy, cold, thundery
day when the chores are done ....

Love this old wooden tool box that has 
been re~purposed with old ribboned jars.

In a heart beat, if I had a bigger budget,
this would have gone in to my basket. I
 have fallen in love with anything that is
Beatrix Potter but $42 was not attainable.

I collected Holly Hobbie glass ware as
a kid and still have some favorite pieces.

And Bunnykins too! But I've never seen
this classic piece before. Very expensive.

Love this vintage china cabinet.
The style of it is so amazing.

For Mother's Day, my dh bought me 2 
garden obelisk's for $60, for both. Mine are 
quite detailed and very tall. This one is much
smaller and at $115 for 1, not a bargain!

 Love this piece! Love the curved
glass and the little mirror. Sweet!

Lovely display. Next to the claw foot tub,
I love the little garden box under the boat.

I got really excited when I found this
wicker hamper but sad when I found
the price tag hanging inside. It's in such
great condition but at $96, not mine!

Hat, anyone? A lovely basket with
a variety of vintage hats to wear.

We truly love visiting the Antique Mall
and often find great prices. There are
many items that I'm sure the vendor
may not know the true value or they
want a quick sale. Some items we see
months later and know then the vendor
is holding out for the true value but it
really isn't true value if no one is buying
it at the price listed. We go in with a
budget in mind and can come out with
nothing in our hands. Or we nail the
budget completely. Sometimes we go
a bit over but then we don't visit for
a while if it was a piece that was worth
stretching the budget for that visit. If
we didn't have a budget, I'd be broke!

Do you have a Antique Mall in your community?
What's your favorite thing to look for at the AM?


Penny said...

I love antique shops too, but the prices would prevent me buying anything much! A rummage round the charity shop keeps my treasure hunting instinct satisfied, amd the prices are usually much more maneagable! X

Liliana said...

Such a nice selection! I love the creativity behind every item.

Chy said...

Hi Penny. It can be much more pricey at the Antique Mall for sure. I find much better bargains at the charity shop like you. Sometimes, we come across an item at the Antique Mall that clearly the vendor is not aware of the true value. Those are good deals! X

Chy said...

Hi Liliana. Thanks for visiting. Always so many things to look at. Sometimes my head is spinning by the time we leave!