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July 25, 2016


Life is full of sweet moments and difficult times. Most of the time. there seems to be a balance of the good and then a bit of bad thrown in. I often think the bit of bad is so we appreciate the good that much more. Right now, I have a bit more than just a bit of bad .... lots of stress, lots of worry. The god thing is I'm working through each bit, slowly, piece by piece. It's really the only way I can get through it all. Tedious and not what I'd like to be doing on such beautiful summer days. But the reality is, the stress and worry doesn't go away until the things I have to deal with right now are solved. Something I've learned from many years of trial and error.  Many, many years!

The downside to all of this is that I'm finding I'm holding my stress in my body. And for me, this means I hurt from head to toe. Ouch!! My toes hurt, my hair hurts, my fingers, my jaw, my back, everything hurts! I ache and it's not very pleasant. I know once life settles again, that the hurt, the aches will subside. But until then, I have to just keep pushing through to get to my final goal of peace and no worries again. Can't wait to get there! 

Does your body hold your stress?
How do you deal with the aches?


Lorrie said...

I hope you feel better soon, Chy. I find that I carry stress in my back - that's the place that reacts when I am too busy, worried, or thinking about difficult things. Our bodies and minds are so connected, aren't they?

Chy said...

They truly are Lorrie. I find my neck and my hips are the worst. When I catch myself tensing up, those are the two spots that take forever to relax. Soon, the stress will be done and hopefully my body will feel well again.

Penny said...

I am sorry to hear you have such stress and worry just now Chy, hope you can work your way through and start tomfeel much better soon X

Chy said...

Hour by hour I work on the little things that are causing big stressors. And we're slowly getting there! I'm hoping by next week, everything is sorted and I can stop holding my stress in my body. And then I'll feel so much better! Thanks for your kind words Penny. I so love your comments! X