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July 10, 2016

It Just Won't Stop ....

Our gardening zone has changed to
a warmer one, making our season
longer and better able to sustain
more options for planting. Not good
for global warming but nice for a
more enjoyable growing journey.

We've noticed this year that our rain
just won't stop! It feels like the West
Coast with the amount of rain that
is falling from the sky. I just checked the
weather for the week, as it pours outside,
with thunder rolling and lightening
flashing. And it looks like for the next
2 weeks, all we'll have is rainy storms.
I love the rain but can do without the
loud booms and cracks. And we would
be truly excited if our landscaping was
completed but right now, our guy has to
keep re~booking and the mud pile just
gets wetter and wetter! Please, stop!!

Are you having a very rainy season?
Or is it hot and dry in your region?


Penny said...

Very wet amd muggy here just now Chy. Oh for some warm sun and a cooling breeze! X

Chy said...

That's what I'm hoping for too Penny ~ a few days of straight sun and cool breezes at night. One can hope! X