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July 15, 2016

Favorite Flowers.

While we wait for the storms to end,
we have been able to enjoy the small
pots I planted early in the spring. A
favorite pot is this one. I love how the
sweet pink blooms move so gently in
the breeze. The purples are delicate
and smell so delicious! Lavender is
my all time favorite but love these too. 


Kim said...

Sweet little pots :)

Lavender is one of my favourites too, and lilac, and roses and...

Chy said...

Thanks Kim for visiting! Lavender will always be my favorite but I love anything that is light pink as well. I'm off to read your blog. Happy Sunday!

Penny said...

I love lavendar too, and have lots in the garden. Usually it is swarming with bees, but rather worryingly I have hardly seen any bees somfar this summer X

Chy said...

Not too many bees here either, Penny. Hoping its just because of all the rain we've had. X