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July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

A national holiday that celebrates our
vibrant history, culture and diversity.

We're a quiet country, intent on a peaceful
existence, kind to our neighbors and guests.

A country intent on spreading the love, 
sharing the wealth, spending time in the 
great outdoors and making sure our people are 
well cared for. I'm proud to call this nation home!

Today, for the first time ever, we're staying 
home instead of lining up for the big pancake 
brekky at the lake, enjoying all the fun outdoor 
activities all day (all free!) and finishing up with 
the big fireworks display when the sun finally 
sets, around 11 p.m. For today, we'll be picking 
weeds, hauling dirt and enjoying watching/helping 
our amazing contractor create a new circular 
drive (okay, its really more like a nice big loop!). 
Lots of work that was pushed back a few days
due to the intense storms all week, including
being under a Tornado Warning for most of
the afternoon yesterday. The sky is now blue,
the air is warm and the soil a bit wet but
perfect for pulling weeds! Wherever you are
and whatever you are doing today, I'll hope
you'll take a moment to raise a glass (or
a shovel!) and whisper "Happy Canada
Day" into the wind. I'll be waiting to hear it!

What are your big plans on this beautiful Canada Day?
Will you be celebrating along with us wherever you are?

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