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July 21, 2016

Organic Raspberries.

We stopped at our old house today to do some
more preparing for our tenants to move in next
week. And took a peek at our raspberry bushes
in the back garden. What a haul! So plump and
red and very sweet. I don't think in all the years
we lived there, we got so many berries in one
picking. The rain we keep getting has helped
for sure. Wish our garden was in already!!

Do you have berries in your garden?
If so, are they as lovely as these?


Penny said...

How lovely! Raspberries are my favourite berry, I eat them by the punnet in the summer. I don't have any berry bushes in my garden, apart from a dew wild bramble bushes behind the garage, but they are really weeds, so don't properly count! X

Chy said...

We were back today for a bit and guess what? More had blossomed, so we'll go back and pick those tomorrow. So yummy! X

Liliana said...

My grandmother has a beautiful garden and had some bushes around. I can even remember the taste and the smell.

Chy said...

That's a lovely memory Liliana!