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July 29, 2016

Blog Reno.

My blog template suddenly disappeared a few days ago. This happened one other time but after doing some research, I discovered the site was down and would be back up within a day. And just like that, my blog template returned. But this time, the site is up, so I'm not sure why my favorite background has vanished. I just spent an hour searching the site this morning but couldn't find it. I'm sending a note to the creator but in the mean time, I've chosen a new template for now. I may try out a few others to see which one fits my style. Just like our old house, which is in the few days of a big renovation before the renters move in, my blog is a bit under a reno for now. Be patient while I figure it all out. And enjoy the new theme. Hope you like this one for today!

How did you design your blog?
Do you make changes to it often?


Penny said...

I changed my blog template a few times in the first 18m or so, but I like the one I have now, and will probably leave it as it is for a good while. I would love to afford an individually designed blog template but that is very unlikely to happen! x

Chy said...

I love your blog template Penny. No need to change it! The one I'm using is free and I'm starting to like the lightness of it. Miss the old one that had vintage books sitting on a chippy chair. But this one is sweet too. X