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July 17, 2016

Boot Sale #2.

A trip to the Antique Mall Boot Sale in June
netted quite a hall. The value of all these items
was over $220 ~ the value the vendors had
listed them for, not the true worth of course.

I had saved and saved as this was the largest
boot sale of the year, so I knew we'd find some
amazing treasures. We left home early and I
had a tidy $200 tucked away in my wallet.

But after careful and fun negotiations, our
final total was a very lovely $160. Success!

A pretty petite point, two tiny English tins,
sweet rose votives, a pretty pair of frames
with attached planters and finally, a colorful 
print for our bright and color filled guest room.

A tiny ballerina dress, a yellow floral patched
pillow for one of the window seats and a frame.

Sweet smocked dress, a pair of Irish salt and
pepper shakers, two vintage books for our
growing collection (pink and purple), a
tiny box from Russia (I have matching ones
from my trip there at 16), a vintage planter,
a unique round biscuit tin and a painting.

Love this painting for our master
bathroom. It has all our colors in it!

On my wish list forever, a Boston Fern
plant stand and here it is! It was listed for
$45. I'm sure this is the same one at the
last Boot Sale that was listed then for
$85. I offered $25 to start and it was
accepted! I had many comments and a
number of gasps as we walked it out to
our car. So happy with this purchase.

A shot to show how big the frame
is. And a steal at just $8.

It's actually a chalk board and what caught
my eye and made it endearing was the
vintage glass knob on the end. When I saw
the price tag, I was sure it said $100, which in 
my head I was justifying because of the work
that would have gone in to it to turn it from
an old frame in to a working piece for our
kitchen. And the know is well worth that
amount. Then the lady who made it and
approached me and said I was welcome
to make an offer as she could see I was very
interested. I took the tag in my hand and it
was then that I realized it said $10, not $100.
I was going to just pay that and she said
she would let me have it for $8. Sold!!
She was happy it was going to be loved.

Close ups of the smaller items that
rounded out the larger pieces we chose.

The black iron pieces are a hanging plant
stand that we are going to put on the porch.

Such soft colors in these matching frames.
Trying to decide where to put them now.

A tiny teddy for my tiny collection.
And a depression era green jar with lid.

Finally, the first piece we picked up ~
another wish list item to cross off!

Have you attended any Boot Sales lately?
Is it something you have in your community?


Penny said...

Wonderful finds Chy! Everything is really lovely. You will have a lit of fun deciding where to place everything X

Liliana said...

Great finds! I am waiting for next vintage sale fair. Till then savings!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I'm smiling at your treasure trove :)
Lots of lovely decorating pieces, and a bargain at that !
Well done.

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! It's going to take a while to figure that out for sure! X

Chy said...

Liliana, I hope you get to the next sale. Happy saving!!

Chy said...

Ah, thank you Jo. I appreciate your comment and your visit to my little blog!!