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March 13, 2015

Weekend "To Do" List.

Our weekends are pretty full now that we're in the last
few weeks of packing up & moving. Time to sell the
house! We have a few things to finish up before we
can list. The list is long but manageable. Want to see?

*pull out the storage unit from the laundry room
*rip up the old vinyl floor from the laundry room
*fill holes, scrape, then the walls in the laundry room
*scrape out the last little bits of thin set on the tiles
*grout then wash all the new tiles in the kitchen
*finish painting the last coat on the kitchen cabinets
*shop for then install the new drawer & cabinet knobs
*put down the new vinyl floors in the 1/2 bath, laundry
room & at the front door to give a fresh look
*finish up the last bits of baseboard & door trim
*paint said baseboards & trim & do touch ups

Packing & purging has gone well. Today, I'm packing
up our china cabinet then I'll tackle the last bits in my
art studio. On Monday, I hope to finish up the 4th
bedroom as we'll tackle the renos on the weekend.

Soon, soon, all this work will be done!!


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

You are busy. I remember what it was like getting one house ready to be sold and moving into another. I wish you luck and don't forget to take breaks and rest.

Chy said...

Thank you Betty! I have a wonderful dh who is great at making sure the breaks are taken. We're off to do a bit of shopping and that is a break I love to take!

Penny said...

So much still to do! Take care of yourself Chy X

Chy said...

Lots to do Penny but we're pacing it pretty good!