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March 13, 2015

Look what we found ....

 .... at Ikea today ~ new tea pots & big mugs in
pretty spring colors. We didn't have a lot of time
today & our list of what to pick up was long. But
we stumbled on these new items & will go back.

Love the soft colors & sweet design.

Hard to tell in the picture but those mugs are a 
really good size. Perfect on a cold winter's night!


Penny said...

I love buying crockery! New, old, vintage, modern, I find it very hard to resist, especially at Ikea prices! X

Chy said...

It's also a favorite for me Penny to find china and beautiful stoneware. I especially love tea pots! This is a brand new item at Ikea. Looking forward to our next trip so I can pick one up. X