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March 22, 2015

Spring Choices.

I really enjoyed participating in the "Capture December" Photo Challenge. So it was easy to decide it was time to get out my camera & capture Spring with a new challenge.

I found 2 different challenges to choose from.

Now it's just to decide which one! I may have to, in the end, flip a coin to decide as they are both great.

Are you taking part in any blogging challenges this year?


Penny said...

I did Susannah Conway's August Break challenge last year and really enjoyed it. I signed up for her December challenge too, but just couldn't manage to take part, it was such a busy month. I have been nominated for a five day black and white challenge, which I am hoping to do soon. I think these photo challenges are fun, they get the creative juices flowing! X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! I think I'll go with Susannah's challenge. Looks like fun!!