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March 22, 2015

Neighbors with Benefits.

After a very busy day, after my dh had gone to play hockey with his team, grandson was tucked into bed & younger dd was in her room, chatting with a friend, my dd & I surfed channels tonight. We finally stumbled across a new show that we had seen a commercial for. Titled "Neighbors with Benefits" it was definitely not our cup of tea! We did manage to watch about 1/2 the show & it created some vibrant discussion. Our final verdict: "swinging" with other partners is not something any of us could ever imagine being attracted to. Just can't see how it adds to a healthy relationship to share your love with someone else, physically. I personally believe a truemarriage is meant to be between 2 & no one else. But that is my comfort level & clearly it is not for others who are captured in this reality show. I'm truly not a prude, but yuck!

Have you ventured into watching this new series?

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