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March 19, 2015

Budget Thursday.

I read Carla's blog everyday & love when she posts about budgets. A favorite subject for this former banker! Today's post got me inspired to do a few notes on our budget. Always good to review on occasion.

So how is our budget, in this season of building a new house & a big move on the horizon? Not bad, not bad at all. Currently, we are mortgage free, so that has helped with our savings. However, we have also used part of those freed up funds to purchase items or building items for the new house that were not part of our original house budget. Things like the fireplaces we ordered from the States.

I won't tell you what is coming in as I do believe in some things not being public. But  I am happy to share, as Carla has, what we spend money on. And freely show where all the money goes! 

For the week of March 19th to the 26th, we need to pay for groceries, gas, our American Express full balance, & then we will add to our various savings accounts. We have one for emergencies, one for travel & one for retirement. Here's where the money goes:

* $225 for groceries including paper products
* $50 for dh's car to fill up with gas (mine is full)
* $34.68 to pay our AMEX in full (no balance ever)
* $300 to our savings for emergencies - no touching!
* $100 to our savings for travel for our trip in the fall
* $100 for our retirement savings fund (TFSA)

Grand total of $809.68. I'll allow $190.32 for extras. This gives us a working budget for the week of an even $1,000. I know we won't use the $190.32 unless something really drastic comes up that we haven't counted on. For now, if we don't use it, that rolls into the next week. We both get paid not long after. Dh's will show up in our account on the 27th of March, a Friday. He gets paid every other Friday. I get paid on the 31st as my pay periods are the 15th & 30th. My other pay comes in when I "remember" to pay myself, which is usually every couple of months & it goes straight to one of our savings accounts. Next week will be the "cushy" week with extras left over from this week & then 2 pays going in.

How's your budget working out for the month?


~Carla~ said...

Looks good and lots of savings which is always nice!! :) I'm hoping to have a lower spend week and am aiming to add extra to our TFSA before months end as well. Next month we have both the girls bdays & Easter... so won't be a cheap month. lol! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I came over from Carla's blog. I post financial updates every payday (2x/month).

Where are you traveling to in the fall?

Chy said...

Carla, April will be a crazy month here too. We have Easter, 3 birthdays, renos to finish and our big move. Ugh!! I can't imagine we'll be able to put anything into our savings but once the move is done and we're settled, we should be able to get back to saving again. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting!

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting MCOIA! I'm going to visit your blog to watch your financial updates. Great posts! We plan to travel to Salt Spring Island in the fall, our favorite place on Earth. We didn't travel last year due to our house build, so we may also venture, for the first time, to a tropical location, like Hawaii. Working on it!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't post too many financial details on my blog, as I have too many close family members who would love to point out what we are doing wrong....LOL

April, is shaping up to be a better month than March has been so far!! I have never heard of Salt Spring Island, so will go and Google that as we hope to go away in September.

Gill your newest follower, just up the road from Carla!

Chy said...

Hi Gill. Thank you for joining in. It's lovely to have you as a follower. I do hope you can take a trip out to SSI one day. It's amazing, a totally different world! No Starbucks or McDonald's. Not even a Timmie's in sight! Just pure air, sea breezes and beautiful people. Love it! I'm off to read your blog!!