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March 29, 2015

Protected Mantels.

Our fireplace mantels are now out at the acreage.

And our lovely builder has used extra shelving to protect the mantels from the trades while they sit, ready for installation. Over the next week, the painting will be complete. The floors will start to be installed the week of April 6th. Then the mantels can go in as the end pieces need to sit on top of the wood floors. I've loved seeing each phase of the building process but this one is the most exciting. To see our choices be installed, to see the bits & pieces of wood & plaster become a home. I'm most excited to see the window seats, once they are done, the lockers in the mudroom, the desk under the stairs in the alcove in the great room & the island in the kitchen. Soon, very soon! 


Penny said...

So exciting! X

Chy said...

Looking forward to seeing the mantels installed. Hoping the vision I have in my mind is what it looks like in the end. X

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am sure everything will be fine. An exciting time for you.

Chy said...

Thanks Gill! I'm feeling the love.