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March 29, 2015

Beautiful Craftsmanship!

We ventured out to the house on Thursday. Our builder wanted us to come out to see the progress & we couldn't believe how much had been completed since our last visit about 10 days ago. I'll have to create several posts to show all the progress. At this pace, we may end up moving by the end of April as he is predicting. Today, I'm showing how the handrails & footings were being made by hand by the most incredible woodcrafter. We are so impressed with his attention to detail & know that each time our hand glide along the smooth railings, we'll remember the things he showed us on this visit. I've added his picture at the end. 

The footings for the posts on the landing.

The posts will "twist" into the hand rail.

The posts, painted a crisp white. 
The footings & rails will be stained.

The curve of the handrail for the Juliette balcony.

The form that holds the strips & strips of wood.

The curved footing for the balcony.

A close up of the layers of wood.

The very proud craftsman. He is truly
enthusiastic about his craft. And it
shows how much he loves what he does!
Such a sweet, sweet & talented man.


Gill - That British Woman said...

you can see how much love and attention to detail he is putting into his work. A true craftsman.

Chy said...

He was amazing. I'm so glad we got to meet the different trades who built our house. Made it so much more personal to see the care they have each taken to make it our dream. Chy

Penny said...

He has a lovely face X

Chy said...

He was so proud and so excited that we loved his work!