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March 22, 2015

Ingenious Builder.

We are so lucky to have a truly ingenious builder. He thinks of the neatest ideas. We have put a small theatre room in our lower lever. A place to gather with family for special movies nights.

The one wall will hold the electronics & we did envision putting a small bookcase here. But look what Mr. D. came up with instead! Built in shelves for the equipment & a corner unit to put our DVD's.

He's amazing! Always surprising us with ideas & suggestions. Such a great experience to be able to build with someone who really seems to truly want us to have our dream home forever.


Cheapchick said...

It is nice when builders think about stuff like that rather than trying to deal with where everything goes afterwards. We ended up buying a rubbermaid cabinet to hold all our DVD/CDs although we don't buy any anymore but are not ready to part with our old ones.

Chy said...

He's such a neat builder. Many ideas and very open to ours as well. I feel like we're getting a house with true character and many great features that should help us stay organized and function well. Can't wait!!