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March 29, 2015

Spring Decorating.

I present to you, our Spring Decorating!

That's it! Everything is packed & my "seasons" shelf was empty. But we did dig up a few rogue pieces that were around the house & added a few new ones in that we bought at the thrift shop. Starting at the top, we have a lovely Easter tree, bought for a tidy sum of .25 cents. Next to it is my coveted glass jar of green speckled eggs. This was $8 but I've been looking forever for these eggs. They are heavy & hand painted, so I honestly didn't mind the higher price. And beside that, a sweet bunny. She was $1.75, so for $10, I was able to complete this shelf. The other items belonged to my dad in law. After his death in January, we had boxes of items to go through & we chose to keep these special pieces that have memories attached to them. They are all in our opinion, spring like & appropriate for display. Next year, our Spring Decorating will be more elaborate but for now, we'll enjoy this vignette for the season. 

How is your Spring Decorating coming along?


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have an Easter wreath hanging on the door, but otherwise, everything is much the same. Love your bits and bobs on your shelf.

Chy said...

Ooh, I forgot I do have a spring wreath on the door. Shall add that in! I love this shelf. We found it at our local thrift store a couple of years ago and we use it to showcase the seasons. Fun to decorate!

Penny said...

Chy I love that you are still decorating for spring in the midst of a house move! Fantastic! Your Easter shelf is lovely. I will be bringing my bag of Easter decorations down from the loft this week X

Chy said...

I had it empty for about a week after taking down and packing away the winter items. Drove me crazy! Hope you'll post a picture after you've decorated. X