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March 17, 2015

An Apology!

One of the reasons I wanted to take an extended break recently was to clear my crowded head & really focus on our new home & our upcoming move. I'm happy to say that the break worked & I can truly think in a much more clear & organized manner. However, I do feel the need to apologize as my head is now crowded with anything & everything to do with the new house & our move!

My posts her, on Facebook & even on Instagram are all house & move focused. I dream about it all day, I fall asleep with plans & lists in my head & wake up in the wee hours of the morning, excited to start the day all over again, with visions of our journey dancing through my head. 

To my faithful blog buddies & newcomers, I sincerely apologize & do promise that soon, very soon, my posts will go back to the life I shared with you, BEFORE said house posts took over! I'm not sure what I'll talk about then or if I'll have anything to share but rest assured, the house & move chat will be much more subdued, if at all. 

Back to regular programming, including 
more house pictures & commentary posts!!

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