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March 17, 2015

It's the little details ....

.... that we had hoped for & continue to marvel over as they are unwrapped. For example, we had no idea the door would also be framed in the black trim but look what we found on our trek out to the forest on the weekend.

Complete with this little detail that just, in our opinion, screams "character" & "vintage"!

I may have to sit on the front veranda & stare at the door & the trim, instead of the sunsets we know we'll get facing West. Just so pretty & sweet!

Do you have a favorite picture of your house?
Any details or character pieces you can share?


Penny said...

Our house has a stained glass porch door that I love,especially when the sun shines through it. It is original to the house, which was built in 1928 X

Chy said...

That sounds amazing Penny! Post a picture one day. Would love to see it. X