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November 30, 2014

The Perils of Snow!

Hi everyone!

With the heavy snowfall we've just endured, comes things that only occur when nature is done. Icy roads, poor visibility and bitter cold. Tonight, we're not getting to sleep as easily as we normally do because of the very loud noises coming from the graders. It it so loud, it actually sounds like they are just outside our bedroom window but in fact, they are quite a distance away. They will be working around the clock to get the snow moved before tomorrow mornings commute. We feel so fortunate to have a county that is providing this service to keep our roads safe and clear. But oh, the noise!! It's almost like nails scrapping down a chalkboard as they scrape away the snow and hit the concrete pavement. It will so nice to drive again after being cooped up inside for the last four days. 

If only they could scrape quietly!!

How are your roads in your world?


Cheapchick said...

I hate to even tell you what our weather is like - ok I'll tell you. The other end of the Island by Duncan got snow a few days ago as the temperatures dipped to -3 but that precipitation missed our part of the island and we have had the most glorious sunshine and frosty days. Sunshine this time of year is hard to come by and we are loving every minute of it :) Stay warm and safe

Chy said...

I bet it's warm there! Today it was only - 10 and over the next 2 weeks, we'll get warmer and warmer, all the way up to plus 2. Can't wait!!

Penny Miller said...

Had to scrape the windscreen on the car this morning, first time this year! Very bright and beautiful now the sun is up, about 2degrees centigrade X

Chy said...

It's so sunny here today and we'll be at -4 C by tomorrow. I'm thankful for my garage so I don't have to scrape when I go out, unless the weather turns while I'm out. Scraping is my least favorite activity as I'm so short! I can never do a good job!! Enjoy your sunny day. X