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November 30, 2014

Frugal Friday Finds.

Hi everyone!

I'm a day late to add in my finds for last week's "Frugal Friday". Thankfully, we were still experiencing good weather then, not like this week! What we found on our travels:

Two sweet lambs, two bright frames, one knitting book 
and one Santa. All six items added up to $2.00. So cheap
but perfect condition and the lambs were free!

Four lavender hearts for .20 cents.

A book I pined for a few years ago.
Can't beat the price @ .10 cents.

Once we move to our acreage,
landscaping our yard will be the next task.
Quite happy to pay .10 cents for this guide.

Hoping our new garden will be a healing one!
Again, a mere .10 cents for this edition. 

Our favorite Salt Spring Island artist,
Jill Louise Campbell. This framed
print was $1.50. Will be re~framed soon.

A vintage print I had always hoped to own.
Now it's mine, for a sweet .50 cents.

Another favorite artist, Robert Duncan.
A few weeks ago, we bought another one,
in the same frame. This one cost us .50 cents.

Both prints together.
Combined price of $1.00.

Isn't she sweet!

Our grand total, including the quilt, was $6.00. 
Well below our budget of $20.00 for the week.

Have you found any frugal finds recently?


Penny Miller said...

This is the sort of shopping I love! I have had countless bargains from second hand/charity shops over the years, and they bring so much life to my home X

Anonymous said...

Those gardening books look very informative and .such a good price.
I got a fabulous Xmas tree and baubles from our op shop last week for $4 and two large tablecloth $2 each.
Linen was 50% off at our op shop last week so I also
Purchased nice quilt cover for my bed.

Chy said...

Isn't it fun, Penny? I love hunting for treasures and finding items that we need, for a fraction of the cost, especially when they are in pristine condition or still in the box, unopened, is such a treat!

Chy said...

Thanks for stopping in to visit "cheaper" and sharing your thougths. I'm enjoying reading your blog!