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November 9, 2014

Winter Shelf.

Hi everyone!

Here's the beginnings of our "Winter Shelf" that tends to be very snowmen heavy. Our little B is showing his great gramma where to place everything. Such an organizer!

He was quite determined to fill the upper shelf. 

The snowman he's "fixing" is the one he bought for me today at the store when he and his mama went for groceries. He couldn't wait to bring it home to show me! A kind and caring heart, this sweet little boy has.

Have you started to decorate your home?


Penny Miller said...

Not yet Chy, our Christmas decorations come down from the loft around the 15thDec, but I do bring out my Christmas tea towels, Christmas cups and plates and Christmas music on Dec 1st X

Chy said...

We're pretty early here but we love to celebrate the season and with our long, cold winters, it helps to keep spirits bright!