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November 11, 2014


Hi everyone!

We live next door to an incredibly vibrant city, famous for our sports stars (think Gretzky!) and our intriguing and popular festivals, all year long! Both my dh and I grew up here but we chose to move to a small suburb just a few minutes away when our children were young, to access the best educational system in our province and provide our children with a safe, small town upbringing. We both feel very fortunate to have the best of both worlds ~ a city with everything you could ever need right next door to our quiet (but growing) hamlet. I love both options all the time.

Right now, both communities are blanketed in a soft layer of snow. But today, someone sent this amazing photo to me and I just had to share. Taken in the fall, it shows the river valley in the city. And one of our favorite places to stay ~ the "castle" in the forefront is the Fairmont Hotel McDonald. We've stayed a few times when we've been involved in things like the Folk Fest or other arts based activities that we needed to be closer too than home was. Always we are treated like royalty there and it's hard to leave after so much pampering. Now I have this stunning photo to cherish. I can't wait to have a break and stay at the castle again one day. So many good memories! A perfect spot in a great city!!

Do you have a favorite castle to stay in?
Or a favorite spot just to get away?


Penny Miller said...

What a gorgeous photograph! I though it was a painting. My husband and I have stayed at the Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh for a very special treat and it was gorgeous.......x

Chy said...

It does look like a painting. Love it!

Cheapchick said...

Love that picture of Edmonton. My favorite castles are in Portugal - so many of them!

Chy said...

When I was 16 and in Europe, we got to tour a number of castles in Great Britain and Russia. Loved those tours! There is a really neat castle in Victoria on the island. And the castle I would love to go to school in is in Sooke - Ryerson University. Such a perfect spot overlooking the ocean. I'd love to hop around the world, visiting castles one day. The Castle Tour!!