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November 16, 2014

Sweet Literary Memories!

Hi everyone!

Do you remember Scholastic Book Orders as a kid? I couldn't wait to take home the order forms, tucked away safely in my backpack, to pour over the forms and choose books that I hoped my mom would agree to buy. Most often, my choices would fit into the budget. Sometimes I'd have to agree to make my list smaller. But books were important in our house and growing our family library was the goal.

When our kids started school, I was surprised but oh so excited to learn that the Scholastic Book Orders were still popular. Just like when I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get home to pour over the forms when my kids would announce that they were tucked away in their backpacks. Even with our very tight budget with many small children, we managed to make book orders a priority. Our children were voracious readers (still are) and growing our own family library at home was very important to all of us. 

So guess what I get to do now? Yup, Scholastic Book Orders are once again back in our lives. We're a 3rd generation book order family! Our grandson now comes home with his book order tucked away in his backpack. And we curl up together on the couch  and pour over the forms, choosing books and growing his little library. His favorite thing now is to get tucked into bed with a book or two each night. Warms my heart that his mama knows the value of this practice. And we're happy to contribute to his bookcase!

Did you children come home with book orders 
tucked away in their backpacks?


Penny Miller said...

I remember school book orders too! So exciting! My boys prefer a visit to a bookshop now they are older, but like you I would sacrifice other things in order to buy books for them. Xx

Down by the sea said...

I remember these from my school days and also my children's. Sarah x

Chy said...

Penny, kids also love the local book stores and our library as well. I couldn't be a happier mama have kids who love literacy!

Chy said...

Thank you for stopping by Sarah!