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November 29, 2014

Winter Storm.

Hi everyone!

After being stuck inside for the last three days, it was time today to venture out and take a few pictures of the winter storm that snowed us in. The snow began, as predicted on Wednesday and we've been shoveling out every since. Accumulation has finally stopped and today, the sun shone, though the chill in the air is bitter cold. I snuck outside in my woolies and slippers to snap away but chose to stay home when everyone else went out to do a bit of shopping. We picked up groceries and a few extras before the snow, so there wasn't anything we truly needed. I think my family truly just needed to get out of the house after a few days of being home and not venturing out to work or school. I've loved this time, being snuggled up inside our warm house, using the time to become grounded again, preparing for Christmas, catching up on letter writing and taking some time for a nap or two! It was nice to step outside for a bit of sun but just as quick I was back inside in the warmth.

The sun on Wednesday when it first began.

Today, the snow pile is a bit taller.

The cedar in front of our window, buried!

Pretty in the sun.

A drift on the roof.

Pretty blue sky.

This fir always looks so pretty covered in snow.

The sun is deceiving. It's bitterly cold here!

How was the weather in your world today?
Have you been snowed in yet?

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