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November 9, 2014

Online Shopping.

Hi everyone!

With the new snow, I'm reminded how close Christmas is. Last year, when my dh and I were both suffering from then recovering from Whooping Cough, we discovered how easy it is to do holiday shopping online. As our illnesses progressed thru the month of November, we were both getting concerned that we'd fall behind in all the things that we traditionally do to get ready for Christmas. And of course shopping is a big part of it. In the end, we were able to buy about 95% of what we had planned to purchase from the comfort of our bed. The only things we needed to get were some small stocking stuffers and the food for our family dinner. Those few items were easy to pick up closer to Christmas and by then, we were both on the mend, though our energy was still fleeting. So thankful for this advancement in! It would have probably set us back physically if we had to have spent the last part of our recuperation running around the local mall. A true gift. 

This year, we decided to shop again online as a way to save time and also save money. So much easier to price compare online then going shop to shop. And the ease of answering the front door to the ringing of the bell, with a lovely postman on the other side, handing us a box of gifts is pretty sweet! On Tuesday afternoon, I ordered 2 gifts for my dh's upcoming birthday and they both arrived on Thursday morning. Free shipping and fast deliver! Can't beat that kind of shopping. We're going to save the stocking stuffers for December and the scrumptious food of course. There is something magical about shopping at this time of year. We've always enjoyed the fun. So we'll take some time to do that part but the rest we'll tackle now and be super ready for the big day! No stress, no fuss, all done. Love it!

Have you used Online Shopping for Christmas?


Cheapchick said...

I do a little each year, especially now that we live in a smaller place where the selection isn't always what you hope it would be. I have already ordered a personalized picture calendar but we are mostly giving money this year to the kids as they are all adults now except my stepdaughter - plus chocolate (they never grow out of that :))

Chy said...

We often shop thru the year as well. With building this year, I haven't done as much but now that we're having a bit of a lull in the process, there is some extra time to get it all done this week, except for stockings. My kids are loving gift cards as well but we still always throw in a small gift so they have something to open. Something they don't expect but we have fun finding!