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November 20, 2014

Menu Planning.

Hi everyone!

I've been fascinated by many blog writers who diligently plan their weekly menus for their families. In our house, we decide on the day what we feel like having for dinner. Which means we have to have a good stock of items on hand on any given day. Or be willing to hop over to the store on a whim. Not always the best thing for our frugal budget. Because we're moving out to the country, "hopping over to the store" will be completely out of the question. So now we will become diligent menu planners for our family, our sanity and primarily, our frugal but healthy budget.

And look what I found to help us out! A menu planning pad, complete with the days of the week categorized and a handy dandy shopping list column. Best part? It was just $2 at the thrift store!! I love a deal that helps us save more.

How do you do menu planning in your house?


Lorrie said...

Mostly by what's available in the house. I like planning for a few days at a time, although I often change my mind. I hate running out to the store for little things.
Good luck on the menu planning!

Chy said...

Starting to enjoy being a bit more organized with meal planning now that this handy tool sits on our counter. Thanks Lorrie!