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November 9, 2014

Changing Seasons.

Hi everyone!

We love the seasons here in Canada, even when the snow is abundant and the temperatures bitter. All 4 have such unique differences. I can't imagine, personally, living somewhere that doesn't have distinct times of the year when the changing landscape dictates the next holiday celebration. I'm sure its doable with a good imagination! Even when we lived on the west coast, I had a hard time making it seem real, without the changing seasons. 

I love decorating the house, especially for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Having just posted a picture of the small Christmas scene I created at our front door, here's the same spot, taken a few weeks ago as we waited for Thanksgiving to be celebrated. This is gone now, replaced by a candle, a vintage sign and a couple of jolly snowmen!

Another favorite spot to decorate is our "Seasons Shelf" that we bought a few years ago, again, from the thrift store. It's fun to fill the open shelves and create scenes with items we've coveted. Our "Fall" shelf, just before we put everything away for the year. It was fun and colorful.

Up next: the beginnings of our "Winter" shelf, created by the 4 year old and his 72 year old great gramma and her beau!

Do you have a special spot in your house to 
decorate for the changing of the seasons?

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