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October 31, 2014

Our Last Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Tonight we marked the final Halloween that we'll ever celebrate in this house. And possibly the last Halloween we'll ever hand candy out for. In our new home, I can't see any little trick or treaters traipsing down a treed, foggy, no light but the moonlight lane. We'll be living in a country residential rural area, where all the houses in our subdivision are on a horseshoe shaped road, except for 5 homes, 1 of which is ours, who all live down the little lane at the back. We'll still decorate and of course take our little guy into town in his costume to walk around neighborhoods where the houses are close together so he can get some great candy. I'll have many good memories of all the years we had great kids at our door, with little ones bundled up and older ones politely wishing us a "Happy Halloween!"

A sad end to a fun time for our last Halloween here. It was so quiet this year, with a bit of a misty night producing an occasional shower of light rain. Not sure where all the kids were but I'm thankful for a Halloween without snow. Fingers crossed next year, the weather is just as good!

How was your Hallowed Eve in your neighborhood?


Penny Miller said...

We had a fun hallowe'en with friends bringing their children over in costume. Lots of sweeties given out and some hallowe'en cakes too. It is so warm here in Scotland just now, the warmest Hallowe'en on record in the UK according to the news. Your new house will be fun to decorate too, even if you don't have too many visitors X

Chy said...

Nice to have a warm Halloween! I remember trick or treating as a child and with our own kids in mounds of snow and bitter cold. So much nicer when they can wear just their costumes without snowsuits. :)