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October 18, 2014

Writing to Pen Pals!!

Hi everyone!

I started writing to a Pen Pal across the sea at the age of 14 and continued for several years, until marriage, then children became the focal point of my life. I loved writing and learning about another culture, another way of life at a time when I was just figuring out mine was really exciting. A great experience and one I've been hoping to recreate the last few years. I joined 2 free Pen Pal sites and as of today, I have 10 great pals to send letters too. Each of us is in the same age range, all wished to receive and send "snail mail" letters, and all live in England, Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands, countries I personally adore. I'm having a great time writing long letters and then weeks later, finding a return letter in our mailbox. A couple of weeks ago, a letter arrived on the day before our baby walk and I "saved" it for the end of that day, when all my tasks were completed and I could sit down and read it, knowing my work was done. A reward for a long, tedious and draining day. I know that letters will be a great boost to my life once we're living out in the country too. Can you imagine the thrill of a long letter written by a kindred spirit, from across the sea, on a cold, wintery day? I'd make a pot of tea and curl up on the window seat to read the letter from a dear friend, brightening a dreary day. Winter won't seem so bad!

Have you ever had a Pen Pal?
Do you love to write and/or receive long letters?


Penny Miller said...

I have a lovely pen-pal, we have only been corresponding since early summer, but I just love hearing from her, and greatly enjoy writing letters to her in return. We linked up through the Susan Branch blog, she put out a call for potential pen pals, and my pen pal and I seemed to 'click' straight away. X

Chy said...

That is a great idea Penny. Maybe I'll out a call on there - corresponding with another SB fan would be lovely!