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October 24, 2014

Creating our Guest Bedroom.

Hi everyone!

Taking a break from the tragedy that has been the focal point of our country for the last few days. I know it sounds selfish, but for just a short time, I need to think about something else. The sadness is overwhelming, the sentiments heart lifting and there is more to come as we all work our way through this senseless act of violence. 

So for the next few hours, I'm spending some time Creating our Guest Bedroom. We've never had a guest bedroom as we had just enough children to fill up the bedrooms in our house. Once they began to move out, instead of designating one of the empty bedrooms for guests, we ended up creating an office so my dh could edit his films and a mini art studio space for me to lay out projects to work on. Then our eldest dd moved back home with our grandson and you can guess what happened to our extra space! Hence, the building of the new home in the country. 

We knew that living outside of our community meant that sometimes, we will end up with overnight guests. And we are hoping our boys will come to visit with their family's. Our oldest son is coming for Christmas this year and if we're in, he'll be the first to sleep in our guest bedroom. Decorating it has been in my end lately and we have decided that our "theme" is English Country Garden. Our current furniture for the room includes the following:

*we have an antique iron queen bed frame in cream
*we have an old dresser that is "shabby chic" in cream/pink
*we have the matching desk that is in cream/pink
*we have an old solid wood rocker that will be painted pink
*we have an old Jenny Lind crib that will be painted pink
*we have a small flowery lamp that is cream/pink/green
*we have a small desk lamp that is in the same shades
*we have a sweet round painting that is creams/greens

What we need to pull this room together keeps growing! So far, the list includes the following:

*bedding and a queen mattress
*two night tables
*window coverings
*a small table to sit beside the rocker

I went for a little wander through our local mall the other day and came across some sweet bedding in the Target store that just opened last year. I haven't shopped there much, just starting to explore it and was surprised to find this set. I would have thought this set would have been only found in a specialty linen or bedding store. I've now completely fallen in love with it and haven't found anything else to come close to the look we're seeking. Hope you like it!

Cream sheet set.
Will need to find a matching bed skirt.

King sized quilt to cover the bed.
I want a larger one so it hangs over the edge nicely.

Pillow shams for two pillows.
Will have two more behind in cream.

An accent pillow.
May not purchase this but took a shot in case.

The walls will be a light sage green, the trim white and the floors a warm wood tone. We may purchase an area rug to go under the bed and if so, I'd choose either a soft pink or a light brown. Once we've moved in and put this room together, I'll post the end project pictures to see how close to my vision we get! Should be fun to pull it all together. And lovely to have our guests stay with us!!

Do you have a Guest Bedroom?
If so, how did you decorate it?


Penny Miller said...

We don't have a guest room, every available inch of space in our house is utilised, but I do dream of a cool, quiet guest bedroom, with twin iron bedsteads, cream bedding and woollen blankets, with a cosy quilt folded at the end of the bed, a small but interestingly stocked bookshelf, and a small case of flowers on the bedside table.... Sigh....! Your room sounds lovely! X

Chy said...

Hi Penny. I've waited many years for a guest bedroom and will finally have one. Looking forward to decorating it up. I love your dream!