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October 27, 2014

Nice Warm and Cozy Bed!

Hi everyone!

Winter has arrived. The snow began to fall gently outside our home last night, big flakes that at first melted before the hit the ground but over time, began to accumulate on the roof tops and trees. This morning, the pavement is wet but the grass has a light dusting of white. I can hear a neighbor scrapping the ice off their windshield. The thought of getting out of my nice warm and cozy bed is heartbreaking. Okay, that's a bit dramatic but really, can't I just stay here for the day and pretend the snow hasn't arrived? See that sad face on the pup in his nice warm and cozy bed? That's my face right now! I so want to cry ....


But I have a busy day ahead. Popping in to gather some documents from our family centre, then a meeting at the bank to review our financial needs, a trip to Costco to buy a few items that my staff have identified as low in supply at the moment and then home for lunch. Take grandson to preschool and spend the afternoon in his class creating art for a big project we're launching on November 1st. Then home to make dinner and tonight we get to meet with our builder to hear how much the siding we've chosen for our new home will cost. Fingers crossed it's close to our budget. 

Wishing you a lovely day as I venture 
out of this nice warm and cozy bed!


Penny Miller said...

No snow here yet, just lots of wind and rain! X

Lorrie said...

The first snow fall of the year is exciting and romantic. Snowfall in March is not. I'm hoping we get at least a few snowfalls this winter here on the Island. Just rain so far.