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October 13, 2014

Garden Gifts in October!

Hi everyone!

Just over 3 weeks ago, I posted some pictures of what I thought were the last flowers from our garden this year. But look what popped up this week, a warm and sunny October. Can you believe it? Beautiful buds and healthy stalks. Not sure how many more days these will bloom but I picked a bunch to make a little bouquet and couldn't resist taking a few shots to remember this day once the snow arrives. This is personally the longest I've ever had blooms before, especially from summer plants. So pretty and so very welcome at this changing time of year!

Blowing in the wind.

Still for just a moment!

Cut and laid out.

Dark shade.

Pretty in pink.

The green is so vibrant.

Ready for the blooms.

And finally, arranged for all to enjoy!

Is your garden done blooming for the year?


Penny Miller said...

Lovely! My garden is still blooming too. It has been a mild autumn in UK so far this year X

Chy said...

So mild here, so far. Hoping it continues to last. :)