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October 26, 2014

What? How Did That Happen??

Hi everyone!

I had a reasonable blogging goal this year and thought I was doing okay with posting, until I just added up my posts today and realized that as of right now, I'm still 100 posts away from my yearly goal of 260 posts. Yikes!!

So be prepared for a flurry of posts to catch up. I have just 66 days to accomplish this. Which is 1.5 posts per day. Are you ready to read a lot? I hope you will enjoy!!

Do you have a goal for your blog this year?


Penny Miller said...

How interesting that you make a goal to reach a certain number of posts Chy. I am always fascinated by how others organise their blogs! I will roll up my sleeves and polish my spectacles in anticipation of many posts from you in rapid succession! X

Chy said...

I love when you comment Penny. You always make me smile! I chose a number so that I would be sure to blog consistently in an effort to gain more readers and keep it interesting. But decided not to blog every day. My life isn't THAT interesting!! But every few days or once a week and that seems to work out well enough to keep it interesting. I don't get a lot of comments but I do have many hits to the posts so I know there are readers out there!!

Enjoy your week. Looking forward to posting more and reading your comments. :)

Penny Miller said...

I love visiting Chy X

Chy said...

You are always welcome here!!