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October 21, 2014

We Now We Have A Basement!!

Hi everyone!

Our "kitchen" appointment went very well. Lots of decisions to make but it was fun to map out where things will be going. So much to think about. More later as I figure it all out. Right now, my head is spinning with many thoughts.

But I do want to share a few shots when we discovered our basement floor had been poured. Now they are busy mapping out the rooms and tomorrow, the framing begins!

The turret will hold our daughter's dining area.
And beside, to the left, is our grandson's bedroom.

Rooms mapped out on the floor.
The theatre room is in the upper right.

Our daughter's bedroom.
She's been sharing with her little guy since birth!

The bow part of the theatre room.
Screen will go here with 2 rows
of seating facing, 1 row higher.

Our builder was out there today with the cabinet maker and will be coming over this evening as well to go over our siding, trim and front door trim. Hoping that part is going to be finalized so we can move on to other decisions. Fun!

How was your day?


Penny Miller said...

Sounds amazing! A theatre room?? Wow!

Chy said...

Penny, my dh is a film maker, so it was his dream to have a theatre room to show his films and just for family gatherings. It's not very big but enough space for some couches and a nice screen on the wall. Cozy but effective!