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October 27, 2014


Hi everyone!

Guess what was outside our window this morning?

Yup, the fluffy white stuff ....

.... we all call snow!

It will be melted by tomorrow. 

And we're now ready for winter!

Did you get snow today?


Penny Miller said...

Gosh that felt quick! I think our autumn must be longer than yours Chy. Windy, squally rain & leaves blowing everywhere here this morning X

Cheapchick said...

I don't miss it at all. We have lots of rain this fall but it is nice and warm out. Sorry - Alberta can have the snow :)

Chy said...

Thankfully Penny, it's all gone. Just lasted the day and then it melted away.

Chy said...

LOL CC! Yup, it's our fate every year. I'm thankful that Calgary seems to be getting the most volume of the snow the last few years. We get some but not the storms they've been getting. Even today, they are covered in snow with warnings and we're sitting here with lovely fall colors and dry streets. :)