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October 26, 2014

Inspiring Garden "Beds".

Hi everyone!

A quick post to end the day. Snow was predicated in our region, so we quickly tidied up the garden (one more time), purged the garage of anything and everything we could donate, bagged up the last of the leaves, and then took down the gazebo and tucked away the deck furniture. Dh even took the ladder and checked to make sure the gutters were still clean so they won't be clogged in the spring. We want to make sure all is in order, whether we rent out our house or sell it, before a new family moves in. 

While we were cleaning out the garage, I discovered an old, single bed frame, wooden with lovely turned spindles. Completely forgot that it had been gifted to us and we had stored it away behind a pile of big plywood boards leaning against one wall. As we don't need another bed anywhere, my first thought was to put it in the pile of items to donate. But then I started thinking about how we could "re~purpose" it into something else. And came up with the idea of creating a garden "bed" at our new home. Here's some great examples that have inspired my new project:

This old iron bed is so beautiful!

A wooden one painted blue.

Another iron bed with rows of plants.

And one more with a doll watching over the garden.

I also loved these two ideas. 

This one is my all time favorite!

Now I'm excited with all the possibilities. A simple wooden bed frame, dusty yet sturdy. With no actual purpose in our home, now with a list of ideas to re~create it's use. An inspiring item to either grow a beautiful bed of flowers or a wonderful spot to sit and gaze at the earth.

Have you found ways to re~purpose old furniture?


Penny Miller said...

I love the thought of the bench idea, but with climbing plants growing round the arms and perhaps even the back (but no jaggy thorns!) Perhaps some fragrant herbs that would release fragrance. You would feel like part of the garden when sitting on it X

Chy said...

Wouldn't it look incredible? I showed my dh the pics of ideas and he even got excited!