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September 19, 2021

Falling Behind ....

It's been a crazy, busy, I can't quite keep up kind of
week and I'm falling behind in my posts, my art and
my journaling. These are things that should be at the
top of the list for priorities but sometimes, they fall
to the side because family members need all of me,
residents and their circle of friends and family need
me at hospice, my staff needs me and this all means
the parts of life that I need to stay focused and even
grounded slip away. Ironically, I need those more all
the time with this busy life. I'm getting back on track
and hope to be back to daily posting over the next
week. For today, two sweet shots of blossoms from
our now gone flowers from our deck. I'm so sad our
blooms have died but am loving the colors we have
this Fall. And look forward to next season's blooms!
Are your flowers all gone too? Is Fall in bloom too?

~ Chy


Granny Marigold said...

My flowers are looking decidedly ratty except for a few that survived the recent rain storm.
Hopefully things will begin to slow down for you. It's never good to be too busy.

Debi said...

I hope things slow down for you and you can return to those things that keep you grounded.
Most of my flowers are gone. One barrel of petunias and impatiens are still hanging on and probably will until we have a frost. My zinnias are also still blooming... oh how I hope they come back next year!

Chy said...

Granny, I so agree. I've decided to incorporate art or reading in to my day so that I'm not run down with work and tasks. Today, we cleaned the garage to get it ready for Fall. And now I'm freshly showered, lounging on the couch, reading blogs and doing some writing. Lovely way to finish up the afternoon.

Hope your day has been filled with love!

X Chy

Chy said...

Debi, I hope they do come back for you next year! We had too much heat this year and not enough rain, but now Fall is starting and we have warm temperatures, rain here and there, and now everything is doing well. Our seasons were mixed up!

Enjoy your evening.

X Chy