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September 15, 2021

The First Day.

Leaving on a jet plane to our son's
wedding and our holiday after at the
beginning of September. We traveled
with our dd and dgs to the coast. It
was such a great trip. And as always,
we started with "Cookies by George."

A concert to watch by the great
Ed Sheeran. Not a long flight at all.

The mama and the papa, excited to be
on board, with a not happy dgs glaring!

He doesn't like to be left out of photos.
He is a true actor/model from the start.

We ended up in preferred seating. A
really good experience with this airline.

Loved being on a new plane that was
so spacious and very, very comfortable.

Vancouver before we hit the runway.
So excited to see the ocean in the back.

And then we had to get on this tiny jet
to fly over to our little island. Not as
spacious, very little room and no service
but it's only a 12 minute flight. Fun!

~ Chy

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