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December 5, 2021

Christmas Joy.

I love this Susan Wheeler print. It
reminds me of taking our then small
children shopping during Christmas
and watching joy spread across their
faces at all the sights. Glittery lights,
tall trees, bows, music and so many
happy faces. All these memories will
stay in my mind forever but do come
out every Christmas Season. I hope
they experience this with their kids!

~ Chy


karen said...

That is a beautiful print and shows what I like the most about the holidays!

Granny Marigold said...

I like Susan Wheeler's artwork too. So cute. And yes, the images bring happy memories of past Christmases. Have a lovely Advent season.

Chy said...

Karen, thank you. It's one of my favorites!

X Chy

Chy said...

Granny, I love her work so much. Her details are enchanting!

X Chy