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October 10, 2017

Our Forever Puppy.


Celtic-Raine, aka as Celti, was born on 
October 1st, 1998  and came home to
our family on November 20th, 1998.  And
right from the start, we loved her to pieces.

We needed some laughter in our home
and a "baby" to cuddle after our little
Ciara-Rose died, so our forever baby
she became. She endured many tears
and being carried around by little ones
who needed a distraction from the grief.

Celti filled our lives with laughter and
comfort and grew into a lovely old
lady, loyal and sweet. As old as she
was, she still had lots of "puppy" in
her and we miss her antics, her snoring,
her lovey kisses and her greetings at
the door. She never complained, was
always so happy and a comfort to all.

Four years ago today, we had to say
goodbye when her body finally was
ready to stop. It was such a hard day
but also beautiful in how it was to be.

Our vet clinic was amazing with a
special room set aside for saying
goodbye. All our years of going
there, I didn't even know that it was
there. It was cosy and filled with
warmth and soft music. And I was
comforted by the love that we all
felt from the staff as we held our
puppy in our arms, one last time.
It couldn't have been better for us.

And then we were able to take her
home, to place her in the sweet box
a friend made, to carry her out to our
acreage to lay her to rest. Celti was
the first of our family to live on our
land and we are comforted with the
idea that during our build and now as
we live here, she watches over us
as our protector. A sweet little one
that brought such comfort to us all
those years ago continues to be a
rock for our family, even without her
physically being in our arms now.
Missing you, our forever puppy.

Our love, Celtic-Raine "aka Celti"
October 1st, 1998 ~ October 10th, 2013


Granny Marigold said...

A sad anniversary.

Chy said...

Thank you Granny. I miss her little nails click clacking on the wood floors and her sweet grin from ear to ear. A sad day but I'm also glad she's not suffering. X Chy