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October 8, 2017

Warm Candles.

It was supposed to be a warm and
sunny long weekend for Thanksgiving.

We had high hopes of tidying up the yard,
finishing the garage and staining the veranda.

But Mother Nature sent us a different
forecast and our tasks have come indoors.

Dh and friend did manage to work in the
garage and built the two large storage
shelves we bought for his workshop. A
bit more organizing and sweeting and
his garage will be all set for Winter. We
have plans to paint it all in the Spring.

I cleaned the house inside while the guys
were outside and the wind howled and
the rain pounded against the house. I
then lit some of our candles and put a
lasagne in the oven. When they came in
from the cold chill, the warm glow of
candle light was welcoming and they
both were soon warm and full of food.
Today we've woken up to more wind
and rain. Another day to enjoy inside to 
cook our Thanksgiving feast for later. A
small crowd this year but one we'll enjoy.

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