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October 25, 2017

Tuesday Tasks.

Some days it feels like I'll never get my task list done. Landscaping has been a big focus the last few months but it's a tricky one as it moves from list to list. Weather can create havoc some days. Our gate guy is back to day at 3 to weld the holders for the gate and fence pieces on. It looked good the other day as we all checked the forecast. Now it's supposed to rain. Ugh! I started to stain the front veranda yesterday as it was sunny and 18 degrees. An hour in, the sky went black, the wind picked up and I had to quick. Came inside to discover a wind warning had been issued for our region, something that didn't exist hours before. Even had the weather guy baffled. I got one section done and after today, the weather does look good again, so it's back on my new list to finish. I'm proud that almost all of our outdoor work is now complete. Final coat of stain on the veranda, a few more little bushes to plant, then the big garage clean and we'll be all ready for the white stuff to fall.

The list? Each day it changes as I add items on and cross items off. Yesterday I was working from home. Got up, showered got ready, made the bed, out the door by 8 a.m. to drop kids at school. Stopped in at my Centre to retrieve phone messages, made a couple of calls, chatted with my crew, then headed out. Stopped a the grocery store and filled up my wicker basket that has become my shopping basket with dinner items and some fresh fruit. Drove home, put the food away, did a bit of a tidy from breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher and then set out my laptop and phone for the morning. We were expecting to have our freezer delivered between 10:30 and 2:30. There's a whole other post and today, we don't have our freezer so I'll share the story later. It's a funny one, kind of.

Spent the morning finishing up a Power Point for a workshop we have on Thursday and in between, made many phone calls. I'm realizing now I forgot have lunch yesterday but I did snack a bit. Continued on in the afternoon then took a break to meet with the gate guy, plant a little blueberry bush, then worked on the veranda until the weather changed. At that point, dh came home with the kids and we all went in as the wind started to create havoc outside. I made dinner again (wow, I'm getting good at this!) and then we settled in to watch the hockey game while I worked more on my PP and sent out replying emails to all the ones that came in over the afternoon. It was a busy day but all good stuff and I'm thankful my list was much smaller by the end of the day. Today, i have to drop kids off, drive into the Big City to provide counselling to 4 kids at an inner city school, then head to my office to work with my crew on the final prep for the workshop tomorrow, then back to our little hamlet to provide counselling to a family in their home, then pick up kids and head home for what I hope will be a nice quiet evening. No hockey, no meetings, just a kick back, put our feet up night. I love nights where we just get to relax and truly looking forward to this one. Well deserved.

Wishing you a beautiful and colorful Fall day. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.


Granny Marigold said...

Your busy schedule makes me tired just reading about it. You certainly get things done.

Mereknits said...

You are making my head spins with all you have gotten done.