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October 27, 2017

Before the Snow ....

There is a prediction in the air that
a big snow fall may arrive soon.

We started to stain our veranda last week
and I truly hope that with the warmth we
have this weekend, we can finish off all
the little jobs to be done before it's white.

The veranda has to be done, the windows
need a quick wash, the garage needs a
straighten, the winter tires pulled out and
a few small plants to get in the ground.

As long as the weather holds, we've got
it set to be done before our hockey game
on Sunday afternoon. Then we'll be all
ready for the snow when it does arrive.

Our Winters have been quite nice, with
warmer temperatures and not too much
snow. I hope this one is just as lovely so
we can enjoy time outside in the sun. A
bit of snow is okay, especially around
the holidays, but then I want it to go.


Mereknits said...

Snow? I can't even imagine. I am just happy that for the first time in seven months it will only be 70 today. Good luck with the chores.

Chy said...

Wow, that is hot for too long. I love our seasons but the snow can stay away a bit longer! Too early for me. X Chy